Guide for Windows

Setting up Hydra on Windows OS

Step 1 - Download

Select the latest wallet version from the link below:

Latest Releases

Here you will find wallets for different types of operating systems. For Windows there are two versions - one for 32 bit and for 64 bit systems. Please select the one matching your device and download.

The setup-unsigned.exe is the correct one. No need to download the zip file.

Step 2 - Install

Once you have downloaded the installation file, simply execute it from the start menu. Windows may ask you for additional confirmation, because it can't verify the security of the app.

Step 3 - Run

Start the Hydra wallet from the Windows start menu. You can search for it by keyword "HYDRA" and click on the testnet version. If you want to connect to mainnet (port 3338 should be open) you can start the version of hydra without testnet. Once you run the application, the wallet will automatically start synchronizing with the network and start downloading the chain. This may take a while, depending on your connection quality.

Make sure to run the mainnet version of the wallet, which should appear when you search for "Hydra" on windows. Otherwise you may be connecting to the testnet.

The node runs on port 1334 for the testnet and 3338 for mainnet. You may need to open the port on the router and operating system. Please see the section Adjusting the firewall.


The Webwallet can be found at:

The Testnet Explorer can be viewed at:

The Testnet Faucet is at:

The Mainnet Explorer can be viewed at: