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Become part of the next generation blockchain designed to be self-sufficient & market-aware

  • Loyalty



    The Hydra protocol rewards loyalty above all, allowing your income to grow exponentially the longer you stake. Secure the network and watch your rewards multiply over time!

  • Market-aware



    The protocol automatically optimizes the staking APR based on the market cycle, making it self-aware. Lowering APR during bearish periods and boosting it during bullish ones to maximize growth and expansion.

  • Burn



    Network activity fuels deflationary forces, by burning HYDRA fees both directly as well as through a leveraged burn mechanism, eliminating up to 5x more supply through the use of discounted LYDRA prices.

  • Fear-to-Greed


    Benefit from a limited-time staking bonus of up to 70% on the APR by staking HYDRA during moments of market stress. Transforming fearful situations into rare moments of opportunity, which last throughout your staking term.

  • High

    Performance at

    Powerful Scale

    Hydra chain combines scalability of up 4,000 transactions per second with the convenience of a 2 second block time — enabling real-time interactions with decentralized applications of the ecosystem.

  • Ethereum-Compatible

    on Protocol Level

    Smooth user experience thanks to protocol-level compatibility with Ethereum. Continue to use your Ethereum wallet address on the Hydra chain with your existing private key! Port your DAPPs with ease.

  • High Nakamoto


    Achieving high performance and security without sacrificing decentralization, made possible by the unique exponentiated staking weight distribution. Giving disproportionate power to small stakers!

  • Instant Finality

    No Reorgs

    No Forks

    Transactions on Hydra are protected by the instant finality feature, eliminating risks from chain reorgs or forks, which on many other networks can invalidate previously confirmed transactions.



Have your cake and eat it too!

LYDRA is a liquid staking derivative that allows users to put their funds to work via DeFi opportunities while staking HYDRA passively.

Fully collateralised by your own staked HYDRA

No counterparty risk thanks to protocol-level issuance

Enables leveraged staking with no risk of liquidation




The Hydra DAO is integrated into the core of the protocol and allows active stakers to participate in the governance process, regardless of staked amount. Join the community to shape the future of Hydra!

Fully self-sufficient and financially sustainable treasury

Simplified participation without entry barriers

Hub for innovation, strategic investments and problem solving

the Hydra

Ecosystem in

your Pocket!

  • Stake
  • Trade on Hydra DEX
  • Earn Directly on the Go!


Prometheus embodies our vision for Hydra's future: ambitious, technologically advanced, and set to outshine our past achievements

  • Infinite scalability through horizontal sharding
  • Unified user experience across all subchains
  • Dynamic load balancing during transactional stress
  • Sentinel nodes for enhanced safety

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